It’s Bluebell time :-)

It does seem earlier than last year but the bluebells are in full bloom already. Last year I discovered a fairly local and very accessible bluebell wood at Cleeve between Bristol and Weston Super Mare.

Although it’s private land, the public are encouraged to walk amongst the flowers (keeping to the paths of course) and asked “not to leave anything behind and not to take anything away”.

There are other woods nearby with carpets of blubells, but behind wire fencing with warning notices about trespass !!

To get a good ‘carpet’ effect of bluebells, most images were taken from as low as the tripod would allow, so any bare patches wouldn’t show as much. I’ve tried to get a variety of different views, both portrait and landscape and some close-ups as well.

Technical stuff 

All taken on Nikon D750 with Nikkor 24-120mm on tripod with remote release.

ISO set at 100. Various shutter speeds and f stops.



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