New life at Slimbridge

It’s that time of year when new life , in the form of clutches of new wildfowl, appear at Slimbridge. It’s a bit early yet, but on my latest visit, I was lucky to see several pairs of Greylag Geese and young and a Duck with a large number of chicks !!


Slimbridge is such a wonderful place to just wander around. The secret is to stop, wait and watch. It’s amazing what images just develop in front of you, as the wildlife feed, fight, sleep etc.

I’m always looking for the different angles and situations. Rather than standing or even kneeling, lying flat on the floor (minding the bird mess, which is everywhere), gives an animals eye view and a different perspective on things. Here’s an example of an Eider duck taken from ground level.


Technical stuff

All taken on Nikon D750, with Sigma 150-600 mm lens.

Auto ISO, 1/500th sec.


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