Water drop photography – Part 1

This is the first of a series of blog posts about water drop photography using the Pluto Trigger and Valve kit. See Water Drop photography page for background.

I’m not describing exactly how to use the kit as that’s done very well on their web site, but about my set up, camera settings, liquids, backgrounds etc.

So, firstly, here’s my set up.


  • Flashgun pointing at background
  • Pluto Trigger pointing at camera
  • Large tray as overflow
  • Smaller matt black tray in larger tray.
    • The matt black finish ensures that you get really good reflections of the resulting drop.
  • Background, in this case several coloured sheets to produce multicoloured reflections in the final result
  • Reflector (optional)
  • Camera on tripod
    • I’m using a Nikon D750, with a Sigma 105 mm macro lens.
  • Pluto Valve, held in Pluto Magic Arm containing in this case, water coloured with red food colouring.

Note – The room needs to be almost completely dark otherwise there will be blurring in the final images.

Next time

  • Camera settings

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