The life of a water drop

The life of a waterc drop

Water drop collisions depend on the behavior of a single water drop hitting a reservoir of  water (or other liquids, in fact) and then a second drop hitting the first. The set of images below show the sequence of events for a single drop. Although there are two in these images, the result is largely the same.


  • At impact, a crown splash is created,
  • if there is a second drop close behind, it will just disappear into the crown
  • then a small crater emerges which immediately starts
    to collapse
  • Then, this crater closes and shoots out a jet, known as the Worthington jet.
  • This jet reaches a height dependent on size of drop and distance dropped, before it collapses, unless it is hit by another drop.

This image was created from 25 separate exposures, taken using the Pluto Trigger and valve, with the flash delay adjusted slightly for each image.

By understanding this process, a variety of different images can be captured at different points. Crowns in particular are interesting to capture, particularly if different colours are arranged around the set up.



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