Bubbles for charity

Raising money for charity by doing sponsored runs is no new thing, but a recent innovation is the ‘Bubble Rush‘ where runners pass through a number of stations where they’re covered in coloured foam. Children particularly love this and it adds such a fun element to the fund raising.

For the photographer, it provides such a lot of opportunities for colourful shots as people get more and more coloured from the foam.  Mind you, the down side is you can end up coloured yourself and have to shield the camera from time to time !

June 25th was the Bubble Rush for Dorothy House Hospice Care, a charity I’ve done a number of events for before in the past and was held on the infield at Castle Combe motor racing circuit.

There was such a variety of shots to be had, from groups arriving, warming up, the start line, various colour stations and the finish. And everyone was such good sports, wanting to have their photograph taken and posing for the camera however silly they looked 🙂

My images are in a Facebook album here

The bubbles are supplied by http://bubblerush.co.uk/.

Technical info. All shots taken on Nikon D750, with 24-120 Nikkor lens. Mostly on speed priority at 1/500th sec and using auto ISO.




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