Street photography in Bath

Many photographers I believe, have a ‘go to’ place which they visit when they just have to get out and take photographs. This might be in the countryside, by the sea, or an urban place of some kind. It’s always nice to discover and visit new places, but if you want a quick trip to somewhere that you know, and will placate that photography urge for a while, somewhere familiar is great.

For me, that place is the centre of the city of Bath. This is just a 20 minute drive for me, parking a short distance from the centre and walking in.

Although Bath has wonderful architecture (which I’ve photographed endlessly), my main reason for going there is the scope for some street photography. Bath is always awash with tourists, so one more with a camera really goes unnoticed !

And Bath never lets me down when it comes to street photography. Usually the images I come home with are either :-

  • Tourists, often doing bizarre things. This might be them taking photographs of odd things, being part of a guided tour etc


  • Street performers. Bath always has a good quality and variety of performers on the streets around the centre of the city. (I believe they have to audition ?). As well as solo and group musicians, there are often other type of acts such as human statues, fire juggling, unicyclists etc.

On occasions, I’ve even been able to combine the two and get tourists interacting with street performers !.

So, here’s a selection of tourists and street performers.

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