If life gives you lemons …….

I think the saying is –

“if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”

In photography, I guess it translates into –

“If it pours with rain take pictures of the rain (or people in the rain” 🙂

So, at the annual Bristol Harbour Festival this weekend, it rained and rained ….. and although I was able to take pictures of many of the events happening there, there was much scope for wet weather shots too 🙂

The rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm for the music taking place at the festival, so there were people stood under umbrellas, people dancing in the rain, and even one of the band members climbing down into the crowd to dance with them.

Ok, so the lighting might have been poor, and the rain made some shots a bit hazy, but that doesn’t really matter if the images are capturing the moment and the way that some people just aren’t put off by a bit if water !!

Lots more photos of Bristol Harbour Festival on Facebook here and here.

This member of Bhangra band RSVP still couldn’t resist going into (the very sparse) crowd to dance in the rain !!
A few more intrepid music lovers !!


Nikon D750 with Nikkor 24-120 or 70-300 zoom lens.



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