To specialise or not to specialise ?


There is a theory that to reach an outstanding level in photography you should specialise in one type or genre which you really enjoy and feel a particular attraction to.

My issue is that I just enjoy photography (of almost any genre) ……………

I started out with traditional landscape and outdoor photography – all the local sites, landmarks etc.  I’m lucky to live in an area which seems to have an endless variety of places to visit and capture. Add to that the variations in weather, time of day, time of year etc and the possibilities go on and on.

Then I had the opportunity to do some performance photography – bands, dance, theatre. Now that is so different from landscapes which just sit there. Performance work is all about capturing the moment, waiting for the singer or band to do something different or unexpected. This can be quite addictive as you never quite know what is coming next.

Then there is macrophotography ! This is much more of a technical challenge with the use of specialist equipment, choosing the right camera settings, and a great deal of patience to get the required result. Case in point is water drop photography as in the image above. Tricky until you get the hang of it and also very addictive.

And finally, over the past year, I have become interested in wildlife photography ! Again, the technical aspects are different, with usually the use of a very long lens, planning, patience and a great deal of luck.

So, am I spreading myself too thin ?

Do you specialise ? Why did you choose a particular genre ?


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