Water drop Photography

I’ve tried water drop photography in the past, just using a plastic bottle with a hole in it, dropping into a bowl of some kind, and manually firing the camera and flash. The results are someties interesting, but the hit rate is very low and it’s just not possible to get the double drop effect of one hitting the other to produce the umbrella effect.

Enter the very clever Pluto Trigger and Valve.

The Trigger itself contains many different modes, to fire camera and flash on sound, light, movement, infared etc. Used with the Valve (and an Iphone/Ipad App), it can be set to release drops of predetermined size at set intervals.

Use of the Trigger and valve are well documented on the website at
https://plutotrigger.com/pages/manuals and
and my series of blog posts will show how I’ve used it, my set up and some techniques.

Blog Posts

  1. The set up.
  2. Camera and flash settings
  3. Liquids and additives
  4. Backgrounds
  5. The life of a water drop